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Heated orthopedic brace

Light & Heat Technology, Electronic Integration of Sensors, Smart & IT Technologies

There has been an exponential increase in the use of specific analyses, attendance at rehabilitation centres and out-patient care in the treatment of health problems caused by tiredness, stress, an increase in the playing of different kinds of sports or simply as the result of a person’s age.

SmartProducts can help to a large extent in such care processes by facilitating access by the user and/or reducing the consumption or acquisition cost, thereby enhancing the person’s quality of life and improving the outcome of this type of service.

Obtaining up-to-date information on a person’s vital signs, capturing information from the environment, being able to monitor such data and transmit them remotely by integrating different types of sensors –heart, presence, humidity, etc.- and information technologies can be a useful aid in the provision of healthcare and other types of care.

Heated orthopedic brace

Heated orthopedic brace

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