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Integrating LEDs with motion sensors

Light & Heat Technology, Electronic Integration of Sensors, Termochromatic Applications, Smart & IT

Combining technology, fashion, art and urban habits gives rise to SmartProducts that are radically provocative, that do not fall into any intermediate or mass consumer goods categories. They are minority products ready to conquer benchmark niche markets. Belonging to such minority groups is an option reserved for the most innovative companies. Firms seeking a special distinction.

SmartProducts that can easily appeal to young people; urban tribes looking for eternal youth through the consumption of experiences. Light-generating technologies –optical fibre, LEDs, electroluminescent materials, etc.- that make the user stand out from the crowd, provide sophistication in different types of space and highlight various environments to achieve spectacular effects. Textile keypads that can be folded, creased, washed and even ironed can be integrated into any garment and interact with telephones, laptops and iPods.

Integrating LEDs with motion sensors

Integrating LEDs with motion sensors

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